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Things To Keep In Mind When Repairing Your Credit

LabDays Repair Image by Ars Electronica LabDays – REPAIR: PappLab Tables, chairs, benches—all furnishings at Ars Electronica 2010 were made of cardboard (German: Papp) cartons. Mastermind and workshop director of the PappLab responsible for turning out these objects is Linz artist Wolfgang Gratt (AT) aka Wodo. Now, under his expert Read more

Things To Look For When You Think It Is Time To File For Personal Bankruptcy

Filing for personal bankruptcy protection is an important strategy for people that have had assets, such as their vehicle, seized by the IRS. Bankruptcy can play havoc with your credit, but is often unavoidable. To find out more about bankruptcy and what it entails, view the following article. If you believe that bankruptcy proceedings may [...] Read more

Simple Things You Could Do To Repair Your Credit

ARS ELECTRONICA 2010 | repair – sind wir noch zu retten Image by Ars Electronica ARS ELECTRONICA FESTIVAL 2010: credit: rubra Credit repair might seem like a hard task because of the many resources available that are less than helpful. There is a great deal of credit repair information available here. These tips can relieve [...] Read more

Things You Need To Know Before You File Personal Bankruptcy

There are few financial decisions more momentous than determining whether or not it is time for a bankruptcy filing. Therefore, it is very important to understand what you are doing when you file for bankruptcy. What you’ll read in the article below can help you tremendously when filing a claim. Making the decision to file [...] Read more

Things That You Need To Know About Your Credit Card

Credit card vending machine Image by quinn.anya Never in my life… The first step in choosing a credit card is making sure the benefits outweigh the costs. This article will help you know more about credit cards and dodging the troubles associated with them. It is much easier to get a credit card than it [...] Read more

Bankruptcy: 3 Things

Introductory video for the Bankruptcy section of Nolo’s website: www.nolo.com If you are new to this area of the law, there are three main things you need to know; this video discusses them. 1) Bankruptcy is great for getting rid of debts, but it won’t cancel all debts, including child and spousal support debts, student [...] Read more