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Tips That All Credit Card Users Must Know

Corporate Credit Card Image by SimonQ錫濛譙 Today, consumers need as much advice as possible when it comes to managing finances and avoiding pitfalls caused by overspending. Credit cards are often quite helpful, but they can be dangerous in that using them incorrectly can lead to debt. Continue reading for some great credit card tips. Read more

Debt settlement proposals – what you need to know

An overview of four key options for eliminating your debts. Learn about how a debt load of 000 could be eliminated over a period of 36 months through the options of: i) paying the debt in full; ii) getting a consolidation loan; iii) seeing a credit counsellor; or iv) making a debt settlement proposal with [...] Read more

What You Should Know About Credit Cards

Photo Cheat Sheet Page 1- Credit Card (Wallet) Foldout Image by Kanemojo I’ve been giving some lunch and learn introductions at my company for fun. All of the cheat sheets online didn’t summarize the essentials and most of them were not portable. I summarized my presentations into this cheat sheet, here in PDF format from [...] Read more

Tips That All Credit Card Users Must Know

Credit Card Fraud Image by skibler With so many consumers falling into the trap of overspending, consumers should get as much advice as possible on financial management. Credit cards can offer some great benefits, but they also have the ability to put you deep into debt. Continue to read this article and you will learn [...] Read more

Things You Need To Know Before You File Personal Bankruptcy

There are few financial decisions more momentous than determining whether or not it is time for a bankruptcy filing. Therefore, it is very important to understand what you are doing when you file for bankruptcy. What you’ll read in the article below can help you tremendously when filing a claim. Making the decision to file [...] Read more

Things That You Need To Know About Your Credit Card

Credit card vending machine Image by quinn.anya Never in my life… The first step in choosing a credit card is making sure the benefits outweigh the costs. This article will help you know more about credit cards and dodging the troubles associated with them. It is much easier to get a credit card than it [...] Read more

Advice For Repairing Credit That Everyone Should Know

Repair Fair Image by Ars Electronica Future hopes on a number of different levels are pinned on so-called green technologies: on one hand, they could help reduce the rapidly increasing global demand for energy, or even offer alternatives to finite resources like oil and coal; on the other hand, as highly committed politicians and young [...] Read more

Tips That All Credit Card Users Must Know

paypal credit card! Image by laihiu Even though they have gotten a bad reputation recently, there are many advantages to using credit cards if you use them wisely when making purchases. This article gives you some tips and advice to follow to get the most out of your credit cards. It will help you avoid [...] Read more

Consumer Proposals – In plain english – What you need to know

This short, 1 minute overview video provides insight on Consumer Proposals, which is the number one alternative to bankruptcy in Canada. A Consumer Proposal allows you to settle your debts in negotiation with your creditors without declaring bankruptcy. This is different than debt consolidation or credit counselling as you are negotiating to pay Read more