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Montgomery Bankruptcy Attorney | 334-260-2920 | Bankruptcy Lawyer in Montgomery AL

Montgomery Bankruptcy Attorney | 334-260-2920 | Bankruptcy Lawyer in Montgomery AL klimjack.com You’re buried under a pile of debt and you don’t know what to do. With one call you can… • Stop a foreclosure • Stop a repossession • Stop a garnishment • Stop the harassing phone calls One call does it all. Call Montgomery Bankruptcy Attorney Attorney Stephen L. Klimjack right now. (334) 260-2920 Stop the madness and get back your financial freedom! I’m Montgomery Bankruptcy Attorney Stephen L. Klimjack. If you’re sinking deeper and debt and don’t know what to do… call me right now and get a fresh start. Call (334) 260-2920. We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the bankruptcy code. The Chapter You Choose Will Determine the Next Chapter of Your Life Bankruptcy does not leave you with nothing. In both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy we can protect: • Motor vehicles, up to a certain value; • Reasonably necessary clothing; • Reasonably necessary household goods and furnishings; • Household appliances; • Jewelry, up to a certain value; • Pensions; • A portion of the equity in the debtor’s home; • Tools of the debtor’s trade or profession, up to a certain value; • A portion of unpaid by earned wages; • Public benefits, including public assistance (welfare), Social Security, and unemployment compensation, accumulated in a bank account; and • Damages awarded for personal injury. Chapter 7 liquidation may be the best option if: • You have

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy St George Utah - Daniel R Robison, PC

www.robisonlaw.net Chapter 13 Bankruptcy St George Utah – St George Bankruptcy Attorney Hello, this is Dan Robison coming to you from St. George, Utah. I am the attorney in the law firm of Daniel R. Robison, PC We have specialized in bankruptcy for the last 15 years. Today we’re going to talk a little bit about Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Some of you wonder what Chapter 13 bankruptcy is and why you should ever consider it. After all, it does put you in a restructuring plan for 3-5 years. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is there for those of you who have special cases that you can benefit. In so many ways it can be a better option to you than Chapter 7. Now in order to qualify for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you’ve got to take a look at your financial situation. We’ll start with a free initial consultation, which will look at your combined family income, which must be typically in a Chapter 7 below the median income for a family your size. Chapter 13 is a little more liberal. It allows us to ignore that and still give you some good terms. You cannot have filed typically in the last 8 years or in some cases 6. Chapter 13 bankruptcy will deal with two aspects. You’re going to be working with your Chapter 13 trustee. Chapter 13 trustee will be monitoring and approving your plan. There will be one required court appearance you need to make. You may also need to make a second case before the bankruptcy judge. Depending on how complex your case is or how well we get the information you have to
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