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Financial Difficulties, Personal Bankruptcy

Doug Hoyes and Ted Michalos of Hoyes, Michalos & Associates, Bankruptcy Trustee answer commonly asked questions about financial difficulities and what your options are. For more information visit our website www.hoyes.com
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No, Mr. President, we are not doing fine Romney pounces on Obama remarks New Romney ad hits Obama on the “fine” economy

27 Responses to “Financial Difficulties, Personal Bankruptcy”

  1. So many Canadians go bankrupt.

  2. What if you have cancer and cannot work and have no assets and your broke, what if you bankruptcy cost in monthly payments leave you with $25.00 to live which is impossible, what are your options? Bankruptcy won’t solve the problem.

  3. We can’t afford four more yrs of Obama..literally. Vote for Mitt

  4. Owebama sucks

  5. haha what conservatives will do to win a election. The private sector has been a lot better under Obama than it was under Bush so what the hell are you talking about. You people make me want to slap every single one of you because of how stupid you are.

  6. anyone but romney.

  7. better than a communist knuckle dragger you asshole

  8. so your voting for a jobs killing turd.im done with you.

  9. so you are a republican voting for Obama. That is so retarded there is no point dealing wth you anymore

  10. im not a Ron Paul voter but he would be way better than romney the jobs killer.

  11. that may be so but it is ultimately the fault of the voters. They could have voted for Ron Paul. They chose to follow the television instead

  12. what sucks is the gop leaders pushed romney the rich mans puppet on us.romney can go suck a bug.romney will never get my vote.

  13. I’ll take a failed governor than a fraudulent communist any day

  14. you sure like to talk a lot of made up by romney crap.romney is a failed governor just ask mass.the people of mass think romney sucked and they think he would suck as president.i trust the people of mass.

  15. The Private Sector is a Disaster- so many places in my area have closed down

  16. wrong again. Clinton signed NAFTA which drove jobs out of America. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac practically committed fraud which Obama and two other senators benefited from. Mortgage companies gave no credit check loans at 20% down payment which led people to lie about their finances.Romney and Bain Capital had nothing to do with the real estate industry.

  17. i dont like obama but romney and his kind is what got America in the shape its in.romney is unacceptable.

  18. Mass. has always been a democratic state. Ever hear of the Kennedy’s? The last republican to win Mass. was Reagan. Romney is not a job killer. Bain Capita had an 80% success rate. GS Steel stayed in business 8 more years than it would have if Bain capital did not step in. I agree that he acted lke a democrat in Mass as governor but I will still take him over this communist.

  19. did you ever hear the phrase if you vote for romney your voting for a jobs killing debt builder.just ask the people of mass.romney is behind by 22 points in mass.that should tell you something.

  20. did you ever hear te phrase, cutting your nose off to spite your face?

  21. I read the book “CAN MITT ROMNEY SERVE TWO MASTERS?”. It reveals the truth of his record. I copied this much below from it but everyone needs to read this book, whether you vote for Romney or not:

    • UNDER ROMNEY, MA was in the BOTTOM THREE OF THE NATION FOR JOB CREATION, only above post-Katrina Louisiana and Michigan
    • Mitt raised corporate taxes
    • Spending in MA rose 20.7 % under Romney

  22. Just glad they didn’t have to spell America on screen for this one.

  23. i have a better idea since im not rich,predigest,Mormon,or dumb,i have no reason to vote for romney.so i will put my vote were it hurts romney the most.anyone but jobs killing debt building romney.

  24. im gop and i trust romney about as far as i could throw Chris Christie.

  25. so your solution is to vote for obama? Hiw is that even logical? Tell you what: why don’t you write in Mickey Mouse. That is a much better choice fo you

  26. I do not like Romney, but he is better than Obama.
    But, 2020 or something.. I hope a libertarian will become president.

  27. I don’t like Romney either but Obama has to go. He is a liar and a fraud. He is a communist and a traitor. Nothing he has done has be for the benefit of our country. At least we know Romney’s real name, never lived by aother one, and never lied about it under oath