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Filing for Bankruptcy Myths and Misconceptions

Are you feeling overwhelmed by your debts but are scared to consider bankruptcy due to the negative things you have heard? Well, it’s not as bad as you think. This short animated video addresses in plain English the most common myths that we hear from people who are contemplating filing for personal bankruptcy to deal with their debts. Common myths include the following: • Everyone will know (fact: generally, only your trustee and your creditors find out) • You will lose everything (fact: most people keep all of their assets following bankruptcy) • Your credit will be destroyed forever (fact: it’s possible to re-establish credit within 2-3 years if you follow the right steps) • Meeting with a bankruptcy trustee is an intrusive and unpleasant process (fact: we treat everyone we meet with respect and dignity from the moment they walk in the door) Call 310-0911 or visit us online at www.sands-trustee.com to arrange for a free, confidential evaluation of your options. Sands & Associates is BC’s largest firm focused exclusively on helping individuals solve their financial problems. Our offices include – Vancouver – Burnaby – Surrey – Richmond – Coquitlam (Tri-Cities) – Maple Ridge – Langley – Abbotsford – Chilliwack