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Business: Kodak Declares Bankruptcy – nytimes.com/video

The 131-year-old film pioneer filed for bankruptcy protection. Deputy business editor David Gillen and personal technology reporter Sam Grobart discuss what’s next for the company. Please visit nyti.ms in order to embed this video. Watch more videos at nytimes.com

Using Money Not Being Used by Money!
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  1. Please visit

  2. Ask ANYBODY nowadays who owns a Kodak digital camera. Even kids use better cameras.

  3. Kodak was not keeping up. They invented the digital camera but they sold the digital camera to the Japanese. Overtime the Japs improved on the digital camera while Kodak stuck with their film and old school photography. It was a big mistake.

  4. Who designed this set, the director of A Single Man?

  5. where the fuck will i get descent film nowadays…

  6. Funny you say that they were slow to keep up, my first digital camera back in 99 was a Kodak

  7. Great post. I also find that having favor can be just as important as having money in the bank.

  8. Thank you, much appreciated…love & blessings to you too.

  9. I havent been online in 6 days and when I saw your face I realized I had been missing your messages and your face. I am thankful!!! Sending Soooooo much love light & blessings.

  10. Beautifully said…Blessings!

  11. yur a beast bro

  12. The Earth provides abundance, but through money we created scarcity. In scarcity we survive instead of living, and makes us dependent on authority, under the illusion that they might provide a better future.
    It’s a nasty trick, but by not living FOR money we start to appreciate life as it is.

  13. Thanks again Peace

  14. this world runs on money but it needs LOVE…. thank you for your words of wisdom<3

  15. Thank you Brother, much appreciated, Love to you and yours too, you too keep up the great work…Blessings!

  16. Thanks for that one. Health>Wealth everytime! Lets enjoy. Peace

  17. My brother from another mother. Real talk Great video 13Love to you and yours. Keep up the good work..

  18. I love the connection with our bodies and health with wealth. You’re so right; being super rich when you’re feeling like dying means absolutely nothing. It does however afford you the best healthcare money can buy… But that’s another topic. I’m so grateful for my and my son’s health and beauty…we’re PRICELESS!

  19. One of the most insightful videos yet. Infinite energy to all. Thank you so much !

  20. Resource based economy!

  21. Needed This Kemetprince~~

  22. Thank you, much appreciated…Blessings!

  23. simplyfreshveggies Reply November 8, 2012 at 8:37 pm

    Important concept. Thanks for sharing!