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Bankruptcy in the UK – an Overview

Personal Bankruptcy UK – debt advice from www.becomedebtfree.co.uk on pros and cons of bankruptcy in England and Wales. Also, information on consequences of bankruptcy, restrictions that apply during bankruptcy.

26 Responses to “Bankruptcy in the UK – an Overview”

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  2. Thank you for this :) I’ve just moved to the Bankruptcy department in my company and I found this very informative :) .

  3. Dont trust the FOS, they are opinion makers and are living on another world.

    If you are in debt, go bankrupt. These debt companies are like vultures, if your partner is pregnant leave the country, because there is a very good chance she will not have the baby due to treats,excessive phone calls and harrassment. A corrupt system, banks lie, codes and acts are breached, FSA just watch and dont do anything. A failed system and banks are fully protected.

    Ex IFA, Director 20 yrs service FSA

  4. Very informative piece!

  5. @ATITANIC1992 ja! snart er MD80′erne et sjældent syn.. :-( 

  6. Så mistede Europa endnu en større MD operator, så der kun er “two to go”. Der er kraftedeme sørgeligt =(

  7. It’s so sad to see another airline that I loved from the past gone! Adios me amigo!

  8. R.I.P Spanair. YOU WERE WONDERFUL!!!

  9. vueling or air europa are also good!

  10. Flew Spanair many times. Sad to see them go!

  11. nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

  12. Fucking sad man…

  13. I thought that Ryanair Spanair had taken over?

  14. No, Spanair officially closed th 27th ;)

  15. niceeeeeeeee!! :)

  16. pena? no pagando a sus empleados las nominas de enero,o dejando a miles de pasajeros tirados,niños pequeños tirados en el suelo de los aeropuertos por ejemplo eso es pena?ojala no vuelvan a volar nunca mas por todo el daño que a hecho spanair y la falta de experiencia de la directiva,sin duda la spanair de los 90 con vuelos internacionales con los boeing 757-200 y 767-300 no se parecía en nada a esta que tuvimos saludos.

  17. Godt jeg nået at flyve med dem før de gik konkurs.. Men også godt for SAS, at de fik solgt eres aktier i dem.. Godt nok for en euro, plus det store underskud…

  18. Why comment in spanish when no one clearly understands you.

  19. Når ok, men er det iberia eller spanair som beflyver Malaga-Madrid-Cph ruten? Og syntes godt Vueling kunne fise over til CPH GO terminalen ved EasyJet :D

  20. Vueling vil fylde hullerne ud med 10 ugentlige flyvninger :)

  21. Pero que pena lo de spanair, esta crisis no perdona a nadie. Espero que alguna vez se les pueda volver a ver volando.

  22. Hørte det igår, rigtigt ærgeligt :( Det har gået meget ned af bakke for dem siden ulykken i Madrid :/ Det har dog ikke ramt SAS så hårdt, for de nåede at sælge det meste af hvad de havde af Spanair…

  23. Fuck det er mærkeligt at tænke på at de er væk nu -.- Hvem skal så overtage alle deres ruter til spanien fra cph? :O

    - Og stakkels SAS :(

  24. Another one bites the dust.. Shame, cause diversity and the ability to choose diminishes with every bankrupt. Hope the employees will find a new home soon.

  25. yes, heard of it :( sad :(