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payday loan collection scam

collecton scam
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  1. and bottom-feeders. They break laws and regulations meant to protect consumers and consumers who are mostly uneducated on these matters get these loans and pay back thousands and thousands before they pay off their original loan. It’s all a scam really. Bottom line is that if they’re not licensed and regulated, they’re not legal and some of these places are getting sued by states now because of this.

  2. 1st off, if a lender isn’t licensed in a state and you borrowed money from them and didn’t know they weren’t licensed but discover along the way that they’re, you need to close your account out, write them a letter/email giving them the state laws on lending and if you overpaid any principal amount, they owe you. You’ll never get a refund probably but people who fight these guys do win alot of the time. Illegal lenders on shore & off shore know this but don’t want you to know it. They’re liars

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  4. U never get a written letter from these people, always phone calls…

  5. Suzanne Berkemeier Reply October 30, 2012 at 12:42 am

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  7. Bottom line, hun. YOU ARE A THIEF. When you borrow money (having signed a contract stating you will pay it back) and don not pay it back…YOU STOLE THE MONEY! (you took something that wasnt yours, and didnt give it back.) I would be willing to bet you receive SSI too. What a loser you are. As per the statute of limitations…I hope they enforce a judgement before that runs out, you, of all people, deserve it. But, then again, they can’t garnish your SSI or SSD, or place a lien on your trailer.

  8. Beautiful video….amen.

  9. ThomasScarborough166 Reply October 30, 2012 at 2:52 am

    It still surprises me, just how lots of people have no idea about Zuntrasoft Payday (do a google search), although many people have a good review about this payday loan company. Thanks to my cooworker who told me about Zuntrasoft Payday, I got my cash in just an hour after I applied without credit check and fax.

  10. Gee, the hide of them, you borrow money and don’t pay it back, then get all annoyed when they try to recover it. Why not pay your bills instead of acting like a deadbeat and avoiding them?

  11.  thanks for the update

  12. Bill collectors cannot threaten with a court order or say, “Good luck in court.” That person is not a legitmate bill collector. There are tons of collections scams. Some off shore and some in the U.S. They are very good scams, well organized and sound legitimate. They have a lot of information from phishing sites such as social and date of birth. Most of them threaten with arrest and jail and claim to be “agents” or lawyers. They use names that are similar to actual companies.

  13. These calls from “collectors” with accents, usually East Indian, are all scams. They are not legitimate bill collectors, lawyers, or cops as they claim and the debts are not real. They say they are representing a non-existant company that is made up, and uses a name similar to a real company. They are using threats or arrest and such to defraud people and get bank account and debit card numbers. They get their info off phishing sites, such as when someone signs up for a credit card online.

  14. thieving bitch

  15. neverpayagain.co.uk

  16. Also, I see you have an iPhone 4. Maybe if you spent less on cell phones and more on your bills you wouldn’t be posting videos like this.

  17. Get your credit report; contact the companies you have delinquent accounts with and settle up with them. Any other people who call after you have done this would then be considered a scammer. Until then, it sounds to me like you actually owe the people who called.

  18. @elidadbags you suck big d@&*(()

  19. u know that u work for a low down collection agency that gets only pennies on the dollar. And for FYI I did speak a lawyer and their is a website that statue of limitation is for each state. you ding dong

  20. but bottom line is you are posting on the internet proof that you also are a scam. you took the loans out, spent the money, and didnt pay them back. that is why our economy sucks. people like you who have no self control or sense of responsibility. quit blaming the world for your problems grow up. and im sorry that you feel im a scum bag because i called you out on your stealing

  21. haha, you emailed my account over my comments, keep them public,. let me inform you of something, i have a great super human skill, called common sense. you said you didnt borrow moneyt you just applied, you said in this video that you owe the money. bill collectors dont call people who dont borrow money, they call people who owe money. you borrowed and didnt pay back and post on the internet that payday loans are a scam. which i agree, crazy interest rates and all.

  22. keep looking up fdcpa laws, google might tell you some of the laws but you are not an attorney dont inform people of false information, continue messing your credit up but dont help the “uneducated” people fuck theres up with your nonsense. while your researching, look up bad check laws in california. better yet, stop borrowing money and not paying it back. that is called stealing.

  23. haha you borrowed a money and stiffed your creditor, and also if you owe a payday loan its because you bounced a check. you posted a youtube video about this haha… thanks for informing me and the interenet world that you are a thief. this is why our economy sucks, because of people like you!