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Pay day loan scam

Pay day loan scam

Payday Advance - Testimonial - PayDayOne.com

www.PayDayOne.com Testimonial video where the customer describes the easy use of the website and the convenience of going online to get the payday advance she needed. PayDayOne.com is a state licensed payday advance lender which specializes in online no fax payday advances. http
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20 Responses to “Pay day loan scam”

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  2. bullshit you can go to jail for a payday loan

  3. @eiauowk I’m pretty much the same. I searched for ages till I found somewhere good for a cash advance. Loved this one, quick and easy. Check it out here –> bit.ly/OGK4vK?=zsjlto

  4. Its still surprise me, just how many people do not know about Zuntrasoft Payday (google it), although a lot of people have a excellent review on this payday loan company. Thanks to my cousin who told me about Zuntrasoft Payday, I managed to get my cash within 1 hour soon after I applied without credit check and fax.

  5. You can not go to jail for a debt. It is civil not criminal. also these guys when confronted will not give you any details about them and will not verify the debt. They swear at you when confronted with their scams and continue to harass even though they know they are not going to scam you. You can also look them up on the FBI web site they are listed as scammers and no good thieves.

  6. taking loans and exspecting not to repay is terroism on small struggling business owners

  7. you are an idiot sir…what did he just pick her at random? her nor the reporter ever said she didnt owe this loan she took the loan she is not special, either pay or go to jail

  8. look i took a pay day loan before and i know personally u have to attach a black check to the account…lol arrest her ass

  9. how does he know her bank info, bank account, how does he know she never paid her loan back?

  10. scam…never once did she say she didnt take this loan out…just pay it back loser…i say arrest her for boucing checks

  11. This still surprises me, how lot of people are not aware about Zuntrasoft Payday (do a google search), despite the fact that lots of people have a very good review on this payday loan company. Thanks to my mate who told me about Zuntrasoft Payday, I got my cash within 1 hour after I applied without credit check and fax.

  12. Thanks for the clip, nice job

  13. I get this scam on the phone all the time. It’s not news.

  14. NO! the people they are calling do not owe money to them. Him, his buddies and bitch female are all SCAMMERS

  15. Well…did she owe the money or not?

  16. how can we be so powerless, this should be considered a form of terrorism

  17. This seems like an interesting site to find cash if you need some in advance.

  18. I’ve used this, its pretty good

  19. I haven’t used PayDay One myself but I have a family member that has and they had nothing but great things to say about this company.

  20. Given the user testimonials, it seems that PayDay One is a legitimate and easy to use online payday advance company which is based in the United States and not offshore. Thanks.