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Benefits Of Online Payday Loans

www.paydayloantree.com – Looking for instant online payday loan? Visit PaydayLoanTree.com
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Check 'n Go: Payday Loan Fees Comparison

Have you ever wondered about different types of fees like payday loan fees, credit card fees and late bill fees? Check ‘n Go explains these differences so it’s plain and simple.
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9 Responses to “Benefits Of Online Payday Loans”

  1. Bob,
    Reputable payday lenders want customers to use payday advances wisely.

    You say “they get people hooked on their services” – this is a perception some people have. It is often called a “cycle of debt”. However, the “cycle of debt” claim is not valid. CFSAs Best Practices indicate that any customer who cannot pay back a loan when its due has the option of entering an extended payment plan. This option allows them to repay the loan over a period of additional weeks at no additional cost.

  2. BobFromAccounting2 Reply November 7, 2012 at 1:06 pm

    Payday loan companies are like drug dealers – they get people hooked on their services, but not actively.

    Just like drug dealers they can remain morally comfortable because, ultimately, they aren’t responsibly for their :”users” actions or financial mismanagement.

  3. Wow. Now Payday Loan have their own softballing propaganda. What’s next PSA for spinning for Pimps

  4. We also offer an Extended Payment Plan (EPP) to customer’s that qualify at no additional charge. This allows the customer to pay their balance back over multiple payments when they run into a situation where they do not have the funds to pay the loan on the due date. Please see our Rates & Terms pages for each State as well as the CSFA website if you would like more information, or I would be glad to answer any questions you may have.

  5. tgibbon1- The purpose of this video is to show payday loans are an alternative to paying a bill late. The late fees are more expensive than what you will pay for a payday loan.

    If a customer is not able to pay their payday loan within the time allotted, Check ‘n Go does not charge a late fee for any online loans.

  6. this is a total racket. they are comparing LATE fees of other products to their own finance charges. they forgot to tell us how much they charge if you are late paying back one of their loans!

  7. I work for a payday loan company. I hate the fact that we are made out to be ‘loan sharks’. That accusation is not even close to what it is that we do. I’m glad this video is out there for the world (mainly the bank lobbyists) to see. Thanks!

  8. Wow, I didn’t realize that Payday Loan places were actually that helpful. I am going to have to start using them every once in a while to save me some money!

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