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Transfer your Credit Card Balance! – Bitsy’s Quick Tips -

Have a large balance on your credit card? Do you also have a large APR? Why don’t you try transfering your remaining credit card balance to another card with 0% APR. Also make sure that the card has no balance transfer fees. If this isn’t an option, try calling your credit card company to see if they can reduce your APR %. Even a 3% reduction can go a long way! Check out this site for a list of the best transfer credit cards on the market today. moneyning.com Subscribe! ‪www.youtube.com Frugalicious.net Facebook www.facebook.com Twitter: twitter.com Make your credit cards work for you — Save money by transferring your balance to a new card with 0% apr, and no balance transfer fee. Check out the link below for a list of the best 0% balance transfer credit cards on the market today. If that’s not an option, try calling your credit card company, and asking for a rate reduction. Simply flip your card over, and call the number on the back. If the first person you talk to can’t help you, ask to speak to a supervisor. If you have a 00 balance, even a 3% rate reduction saves you 0 a year. The Frugalicious Show is a web tv show that helps you live the best possible life while spending the least amount of money. Bitsy and Erin share budget-friendly lifestyle tips on The Frugalicious Show, and Bitsy shares some of her favorite money-saving ideas in her weekly segment, Bitsy’s Quick Tips. Learn how to live a Frugalicious life without sacrifice. Have a Frugalicious find you
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