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Credit Card Fraud Made Easy www.IDTheftSecurity.com

Credit Card Fraud Made Easy www.IDTheftSecurity.com

Retailers often do not check IDs or signatures. Credit card companies do not require merchants to check IDs either. Not signing your card voids your contract. Credit Card Fraud Made Easy www.IDTheftSecurity.com

11 Responses to “Credit Card Fraud Made Easy www.IDTheftSecurity.com”

  1. This is misinformation. Requiring an id for purchase is against visa and mastercard’s terms of service and the retailer may be fined $1000 if reported to the credit card companies.

  2. this would never work in the uk, for the simple reason that we use chip and pin, you have to type in the pin number for every transaction. stupid americans are behind the times!

  3. I sign for my moms card all the time

  4. ty

  5. if i saw a woman with a card with a guys name on it id assume it was her husbands or something, i work in a restaurant and sometimes couples use each others cards when paying when i ask why a man has a womans card for example they just give me a blank stare as if to say how dare u ask that and then say obviously its their wives….as if im supposed to know thats definitely their wives card, people are assholes so i dont check their cards

  6. Lucky she didn’t do this in Atlanta. Here you use someone’s credit card, even if you have permission and you automatically go to jail unless you can prove on the spot you are related to that person personally or professionally.

  7. companies dont care who buys there stuff as long as they get the money.

  8. lol did the news show keep all of the goods?

  9. iScammer

  10. So what? The merchant will pay that money back for not checking ID.
    A quick call to your credit card co and a chargeback will fix it.
    phuk retailers who don’t check ID, they WILL pay it back later.

  11. I work in a fraud dectection agentcy there is so many people getting fraud on their credit and debit cards.