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Credit Card Debt

Credit Card Debt

New York Times columnist Ron Lieber finds that there is some cause for concern in the sweeping credit card legislation that passed the Senate on Tuesday. Related Article: tinyurl.com
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25 Responses to “Credit Card Debt”

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  2. It’s good to see the Government putting more rules in place for credit cards and anything else to do with Finance can only be a good thing after all the problems caused by the financial institutions that brought about the economic crisis.

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  9. These reforms are long overdue. Now they should be broken up into smaller pieces so this cannot happen again – — found a cool site; Balkingpoints ; incredible satellite view of earth

  10. That’s an interesting point.

  11. and does government set up a DMV type “credit card complaint” window now? how long do i have to wait if i have an issue with credit card? do i talk to a DMV level efficiency customer service now? will i be able to use my credit card while my issue is pending? well i think that’s obvious. geez i wonder if it opens after 1pm.

  12. (2) how much does it cost and how long does it have to wait to get a “federal inspection” to get it “approved”, then up and running? is the government known for doing this fast, correctly, and mostly without corruption? which of the above i stated does not cost money, time or human resources? which of the above are not unintended consequences? with less private credit company willing to compete because of the additional cost, will quality go up or down? takes a genius to find out.

  13. there are ALWAYS unintended consequences by unconstitutional interference.. useless question. supposed all these new qualifications are now imposed, won’t you now need also another FDA type “stamp of approval” for each and every credit card company? and to get that stamp or credit card company license, won’t you need another agency to inspect how these companies run? so now suppose a new, honest company or even some type of new local credit card company wants to open up, (to p2)

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  16. Nice research (not really since it is an article written by a reporter and not the legislation itself). So the key words here (again chosen by a reporter) are: “could” and “likely.” You still have not proven your assertion. Is this all it takes to convince you?

  17. AP article:
    “Banks, which oppose the legislation, will need to make up the cost somewhere, and cardholders who pay off their balance in full each month could see new annual fees and lucrative rewards programs canceled. Credit could become harder to come by too.”

    AP aritcle:
    “Q: What if I always paid my bills on time?
    A: There will likely be higher fees and interest rates across the board to make up for lost profit.”

  18. “For those who are responsible, they pay higher fees and higher rates.” Where exactly is this mentioned?? Do they actually refer to those who will pay higher rates as “responsible”?

  19. read about it…. under this plan there is no limit placed on how high your cc interest rate can go. For those who are responsible, they pay higher fees and higher rates. all this does is give you a head’s up before your rates go up on any new purchases. All other cc services, like cash advance, etc, will all have higher fees attached to them.

  20. How exactly will my interest rates go higher under this plan?? That video did not mention that part.

  21. the credit card companies are smiling alright. Under this new agreement, if you are a responsible card-holder, your interest rates and fees will now go higher. The only thing it accomplished was buying the cardholders a little head’s up notice before rates go up….yeah! way to go – we all get screwed because of a bunch of irresponsible idiots and bleeding hear dumbasses. Can you say “unintended consequences”? Obumbler is in over his head.

  22. ANY audit of the “federal reserve”will show such filth, slime, lies and corruption that WE THE PEOPLE will demand prosecution of the banksters. it is like picking up a rock to see all of the creepy crawly creatures hiding underneath. this is why the prostiticians and their media-whore puppets say nothing about fed reform. an audit will also shed light on the parent-cretin owners which will spread internationally. they are vermin.

  23. everything hinges on federal reserve reform
    anything else is bullshit. how can it be considered
    “sane” to continue passing huge spending bills
    when they cannot account for 14 trillion of our money?
    we need to cut off their allowance until they find it.
    if you or i lost a 100 dollar bill, we would stop everything and find it.
    who the hell are these prostiticians?
    they do not have any respect for our money-only theirs
    and they think our money is theirs.