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Credit Card 2.0 Powered Cards by Dynamics Inc. at CES Unveiled NYC 2010 – BWOne.com

www.bwone.com twitter.com The future of credit cards have arrived. Dynamics Inc. the creators of Credit Card 2.0 shows us cards that are not just for the future but are ready for the here and now. Dynamics Inc. CEO and Fonder Jeffery Mullen shows us how the technology is implemented into credit cards.Each card has security features which virtually eliminate credit card theft and fraud. Each is waterproof and more durable that your normal plastic card. There are cards that can hold multiple accounts and you can switch between accounts with a click of a button. There are cards with a high focus on security with a Hidden account card that will only show the account number when you have put in a special code that displays the number on a LCD on the front of the card. The card that is getting the most focus and is currently being used in public testing by Citi Cards is the Redemption card which allows you with a button to change between paying with your account or paying with your reward points. Very amazing technology that I can’t wait to get my hands on.
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www.preapprovedcreditcards.com — Building your credit history is easy with a student credit card. This video explains how to obtain and what to look for in the best student credit cards. From the “How Do credit Cards Work?” videos series.

35 Responses to “Credit Card 2.0 Powered Cards by Dynamics Inc. at CES Unveiled NYC 2010 – BWOne.com”

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  3. Sounds less hackable then a traditional card though.

  4. its probably just an attempt at a backdoor :D that’s what id do!!

  5. They will be distributed through credit card and bank card providers. Right now Citi is doing controlled national testing.

  6. How long does the battery in those last tho?

  7. Who can get this credit cards?

  8. TheSecondEvolution Reply October 30, 2012 at 4:45 am

    It’s pretty cool, but nothing is unhackable.

  9. The secret code one will erase and rewrite the data on the magnetic strip each time you use it. If you lose it. Its a dead plastic cause you need the code to even power it up and to even attempt to get inside the card you would bread the card.

  10. Cool!
    But what if someone decodes the data from the card itself (in case of the secret code one)?

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  12. creditcardbadcredit1 Reply October 30, 2012 at 6:46 am

    Charge Card is among the most helpful factor we have within our pocket. I’m greatly grateful which i found your video and check out your prodcut.To date this is actually the best charge card company which i know.

  13. then you didnt make the payments…

  14. i do (-.-) and it turns out they sent me the stupid bill to the wrong place :S

  15. you could try making payments

  16. Because you only need a credit score if you are planning on taking on more debt in the future.

    I good savings record will work with lenders when it comes time to by a big item like a house, and in the mean time you won’t get bitten by the consumption bug of easy credit.

  17. How is it an “I love debt” score if you pay everything off?

  18. Worst advice ever,

    Avoid credit cards, you don’t need a credit history if you have a savings history.

    A credit score is an “I love debt score”.

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  21. eh my credit card keeps gettign declined by my bank and i dont want to call them.. is there a way to fix thsi?

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  23. Thats about it. Stealing!

  24. Well it’s easier to steal from them. I’m not sayin it’s right. That’s just how they operate…



  27. how do you know what the credit card number security nmber i stole my brothers debt card

  28. A student credit card is now way more difficult to get as you have to be over 21 or have proof of a job or a cosigner. Many students are now trending towards the prepaid debit cards. If a student is old enough and has good credit, the Discover More Student card is a good option. You can actually compare credit and debit cards and apply online at a site like ProCreditCenter

  29. These cards are for teens/Students who want a credit cards or to build there credit.
    You can get it online,

    student-credit-cards1 . blogspot . com

  30. What kind of insane advice is this? How can you in all seriousness be promoting credit cards to people who HAVE NO JOB! DER! And we wonder why America is drowning in debt! Get Real. Why not encourage our students to save and invest instead!

  31. This piece of crap video does not explain how the magnetic strip of the credit card works.


  32. a crock of shit………yeah right.

  33. Is a student credit card the same as a regular credit card, except with a lower balance “500 dollars”. Or is it strictly for paying for school.
    Please help.

  34. i have a 3,000 balance on a bank of america card if i pay off the balance and cancel the card will my credit be affected?

  35. getting a student credit card is so easy, a cave man can do it, Wells Fargo bankers are always begging me to get one whenever i go there…