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A BAT CREDIT CARD? (Nostalgia Critic)

The Critic goes insane during infamous bat credit cart scene from Batman & Robin movie. Whole review here: thatguywiththeglasses.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “A BAT CREDIT CARD? (Nostalgia Critic)”

  1. my same reaction to My favorite Disney Characters Minnie,Daisy, Goofy,as supermodels.

  2. 1:16: My reaction to WWE removing Attitude Era vids and Twilight raping the Vampires and Werewolves I and we know and love.

  3. Борис Витанов Reply November 3, 2012 at 3:54 pm

    My reaction about announcing of Star Wars Episode 7….

  4. Did anybody notice the blood on the white coat?

  5. it actually says GothCard, for Gotham

  6. Did you see the card logo was “GotACard”

  7. I go on Rule 34 just for “Daria” and “Daria” only, nothing else.

  8. I’m gonna miss watching new episodes of Nostalgia Critic, but the earlier episodes before the 2010s are better.

  9. Did you say TRANSFORMERS ?? How the fuc… !?

  10. I hope you get the joke…

  11. Screw Rule 34, Rule 63 is better…

  12. no exceptions even spongebob and pokemon

  13. Surprisingly, I haven’t seen ANY Tentacolino porn…

  14. InternetWithoutTrash Reply November 3, 2012 at 10:46 pm

    Godzilla with rule 34 applied = bad dragon

  15. James Rofle is (as far as i know) the inventer of this kind of ‘exaggerated version of yourself internet reviewer’ the angry video game nerd, think about it he is a nerd with his massive videogame collection ;P. but he makes a fun over the top ‘nerd stuck in the past overly angry’ type version of himself. off course he is not really like the AVGN (how sad would that have been? lol) but he seems to mean what he says, i know i have some of the games he has reviewed. didn’t know about CV2 though

  16. meaning he did an act, the Nostalgia Critic is a character and all he says is just for laughs . but you see i thought that he was an exaggerated form of Doug Walker…that when Walker doesn’t like a movie he overreacts as the NC to get a point across. that he gave his points not in a youtube rant way but in an amusing comedic way, SPOOFING the everyday angry youtuber nerd. thats why i watched the NC, i’m just not sure if i know this Doug Walker guy…

  17. It’s like that with the AVGN. He isn’t a real character. For example, he actually likes Castlevania 2. However, he also reviews games he really dislikes, like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, but exaggerates them. NC is like that too, but he still really doesn’t like certain movies. He doesn’t like this movie, but he can tolerate other ones.

  18. irony is that Doug Walker probably LIKES this movie. ever since it turns out the Nostalgia Critic is ”just a character” i don’t know what he means and what not…and in case anyone wonders what i thought the Critic was: a extreem version of Doug Walker, that within all the yelling and all the madness there was a truth…nope its just an act, the guy we thought we knew doesn’t exist…sigh

  19. Edd ed and eddy starts going to school.

  20. I don’t get the joke. Why does he hate the bat credit card?

  21. German Directors have no Place in Hollywood.

  22. I’ll help you, but it’s Legendary an Warner not Sony an Tri-Star for studio’s, Toho supervised the script an concept art, an Gareth Edwards who is a talented director unlike Roland Emmerich an is actually a fan of the series unlike Emmerich is the director.

    So i have high hopes they’ll fix Sony’s fuck 98 fuck up.

  23. You know Legendary Pictures has the Godzilla Reboot coming May 16th 2014.

    An Gareth Edwards who is an excellent director an a good writer is in the directors chair.

    Micheal Bay has nothing to do with it, neither do anyone that had anything to do with the 98 Zilla disaster. So i expect the Godzilla revival to be really great in the 2014 Reboot.

  24. A bat credit card a bat credit card!?!?!?

  25. He’s not, Thank God.